Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Outta Whack

It is that time of year again...BASEBALL for JJ. What does this mean you ask?? I means that everything that we have to do (between Jackson's sports, JJ's baseball, doctor/dental/eye appointments, family events, etc) totally conflicts. The beginning of baseball season definitely STRESSES me out! It isn't just about practice. It is also about all of the small things they have to do as well- work on the field, have scrimmages, go to the Alumni game, pancake breakfast, yada yada, yada!! Making plans to do anything is next to impossible. I am usually hauling Jackson around to all of his stuff and JJ is doing his baseball thing. The one positive thing about this spring is that basketball is already over and Jackson decided not to play baseball this season. So for us, that means a little less craziness in his schedule. Unfortunately with JJ's schedule, he usually has to miss all practices and some games. But with soccer as the only sport (and the fact that we are playing soccer tournaments only- no Mike Rose league games), JJ should be able to hopefully make most of the games. FINGERS CROSSED! Jackson really likes for JJ to be there to watch him also.
The one thing that i do like about Baseball is...
Yes...the Yankees. Jackson picked them as his favorite team when he was a tot. And that has been our favorite team ever since. That is about the only baseball that i will actually sit down and watch sometimes. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

* My New Moto *

And isn't that the truth! That picture just about sums it up. I am on Day 16 of being sick and i really am not any better! I feel like i am on a roller coaster ride with all of it. One second i am freezing to death, shivering and burning up with fever. The next second i am burning up and sweating like i had been working out. I know...gross right?! I have decided to just stop complaining about it because i cannot do anything about it. At least i went to the doctor and now i just have to try to see if these new meds work. And if they don't, I.JUST.GIVE.UP.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Over the Hump

Ok, so i have been sick now for 15 days!! Yes, you read that right...FIFTEEN days! I have gone from sneezing, runny nose, coughing --> fever, chills, sweats, coughing (so hard that i throw up) and getting short of breath. I basically went from bad to worse. And i actually thought for a minute that i was getting better. I also have completed a Z-pack. Can you say FRUSTRATION?! Today, after many times of talking myself out of it, i went to the doctor. And the only reason that i made it there was because his office is next door to mine at work and they told me that they would call my cell phone when they were ready for me. You can't beat that with a stick. That is my kind of appointment! He did test me for the Flu and it was negative thank goodness...i know my co-workers thank me for that since i have been at work through all of this. I was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia. Well, that is just great. He put me on Avelox (a big gun antibiotic), Tussionex cough medicine and a Proventil inhaler. I know right! And he also wants a chest xray. I am just exhausted from typing all of that. As long as i get better, i don't care how much stuff that i have to take. Being sick has gotten really old and i have a ton of stuff to do so i have to get better!! Hopefully the worst part is over.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

~ Crosscheck Champions ~

Well, yesterday was a BIG day for Jackson's basketball team. They placed in the Crosscheck Championship game for their age group and they WON! His team ended up 27-2 for the season and that combines all of the games for the Crosscheck and MAM league. They only lost 1 game in each league which was great. Jackson has been very fortunate to play on teams that have made it to the Championship game almost every year and they usually won those as well. He absolutely LOVES basketball and practices outside every single day. Next season, he will play on 10 foot goals so we have already raised our goal to 10 feet so he can get comfortable shooting at that height. He has done quite well so far.
 Jackson cutting his piece of the net. They have never been able to do this before so it was pretty special!
 My sweet baby with the trophy
 The TEAM!
 My other sweet baby with his trophy...aka Jackson's water bottle.
Jackson & Carson...great friends that have played sports together since they were 4!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gonna Whoop My Bootay!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution...yes, that is what i have purchased to whip myself into shape! It is a 90 day program that i read about on Jillian's FB page and she looks FAB. There is no way that her program will not work as long as i stick to it. I am really excited to start this. And hopefully, i will feel better this weekend so i cant get started on Phase 1. It was delivered yesterday and i wasn't expecting to receive it until possibly next week so i was thrilled that it came early. We are going on vacation in May/June and i have got to be ready. And then we will be having LAKE time also and i have to be ready for that as well. I have been trying to get back on track but i have been sick for the past (almost) two weeks and have not felt like doing anything but laying around. I hope that when i get through the 4 phases of this workout that i look like this...

HA! A girl can only wish right?!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Week

Not sure even where to start...guess i will start with the easiest. I am still sick. Yes, today is day 11!! Started running fever Tuesday night and felt AWFUL yesterday- i even had to leave work because i was puking (gross) and started running fever. I slept for over 2.5 hours and that was great and then laid on the couch the rest of the day. Started antibiotics also and today i feel somewhat better. I know tomorrow i should feel like a different person...praying! Besides this with me, here is what our week has looked like...
Monday...missed basketball practice because Jackson started complaining of feeling bad. But he seemed ok later so we sent him to soccer practice. He ended up ok thank goodness!
Tuesday...had the 1st basketball tournament game and they won.
Wednesday...Jackson had a practice for a new YBOA basketball team. He did great (per JJ) and he felt really good about it. They played on 10ft goals and he is playing with 5th graders for now. This coach seemed VERY encouraging about Jax and a positive person at that, which is what Jackson needs. This season has pretty much RUINED him as far as offense goes and we will never put him through that again. We will totally check out the situation first and then decide rather than going in blind. I knew all along that this seemed a little fishy but i went with it. Lesson Learned!!!
Thursday...Jackson had 2 MAM games (last ones). And they both ended up canceling.
Friday...Jackson has basketball practice. And there is a baseball fundraiser, if we decide to go. Right now, i feel too bad to go but we will see what tomorrow brings.
Saturday...Jackson has his basketball tournament championship. Glad it is early so we GET.IT.OVER.
Sunday...OUR DAY!!!
Then, next week is back to crazy with soccer, new basketball practice and soccer tournament.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~ Spring Cleaning ~

Oh yes...that is what needs to happen at my homestead this weekend! We got some things straightened up in the backyard this past Saturday but SO much more needs to be done outside as well as inside. This weekend may not be the best weekend to start because there is a chance that we have a basketball tournament game as well as a soccer tournament. We should know after tonight's game about saturday's basketball and hopefully in the next day or so about the soccer tournament. And then the planning will begin!! There are so many things that i need to go through and clean out inside that just one weekend is not going to cut it. And i guess the outside will have to have it's own weekend as well. The yard part (phase 1-cutting back bushes/crepe myrtles) wont take too much time but then there is the phase 2...working on the area where we are going to plant our own garden.
Last year i did pretty good at keeping my herbs alive that i planted in pots and this year we want to do that plus add vegetables. I sure hope that we can keep up with this. I know when my dad always planted a garden, he spent a LOT of time tending to it in the evenings.

And then there is the GARAGE!! That will be an obstacle in itself. We have way too many motorized vehicles that have sat so long that they do not run. And we also have a ton of Chayton's riding toys in the mix as well. Along with wood pieces for the crafting that i was doing ALL the time.
We desperately need to make one of these!

It is time to donate/sell/give away... whatever it takes to get some things back in order. Our house totally gets put on the back burner these days with 2 kids, however many sports for Jackson, JJ coaching/refeering and just for those days that want to be spent doing almost nothing! I guess i will have to bust out my "Courtney's To Do List" and get to prioritizing.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Monday. . .

Today is my favorite day of the week...NOT!!! I really don't think that i dread any other day of the week but Monday always comes WAY.TOO.FAST. And it was not because yesterday was a busy day, it is just because it is Monday! We really only had a few things to do yesterday and that was go to the grocery store, Jackson had soccer practice and we needed to clean. All of those things happened but the drew the short straw this weekend so it will be at the top of the list next weekend. 
I woke up this morning feeling better but still coughing some (which i could handle). And then i come to work and the sneezing, runny nose, head pressure, etc. all came rushing back just like last week!! I think that i am ALLERGIC to work. I need to get tested to prove it, fill for disability and call it a career. really, but staying home would be nice for a while. I had high hopes for today and it looks beautiful out of my window here at work. But now all i want to do is go home, hibernate inside and lounge on the couch with my boys. Oh well. There is always tomorrow and it will no longer be Monday so that will hopefully help!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


We have had a rough week with us being sick. Chayton has been taking antibiotics for an ear infection all week and i have also been sick with sinus stuff since Tuesday. JJ was also sick Monday and Jackson has been illness free all week with the exception of a cough. Ever since Thursday night, i have been throwing up due to coughing so hard. That is yucky but it was just something that i guess came along with the junk i have. Last night, on the way to Jackson's basketball game, Chayton just started vomiting as we were driving down the road. UGH!!! Poor guy puked all over himself and part of the carseat. We had to pull over on Houston Levee and strip baby boy down to his diaper and JJ had to clean the carseat. Needless to say, we did not have a change of clothes for him to put on to wear to Jackson's game. After much deliberation, Jackson offered him his shooting jersey to wear as clothes. It was HUGE but it was all we had. I debated staying in the car with him during the game but i knew that would not fly with him. He looked like he was supporting the team but it also appeared that he had on a dress....and he is a boy!! He did fine (without puking during the game), but as soon as we got home, i started vomiting and so did he. What an eventful night we had!! I was hoping that Chayton did ok through the night because i knew that i could make it to the toilet if i needed to. He did fine! Then, JJ decided to feed him sausage for breakfast!! I tried to warn him but he DIDN'T listen. Yes...that came back up. Then, he started with diarrhea. I finally got him to take a nap about 4:30ish.
Isn't he an angel? (along with his 2 bb's)

So far, everyone else is virus free. Last time this happened, we all got it about 24-36 hours apart. JJ was the only one free from it this past November. All of our fingers are crossed because we have a VERY busy week this upcoming week. Pray for us!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


That is the word Jackson used to describe his new haircut! I actually let him kinda dictate how short to cut his hair which was a miracle for him. I love his hair a little longer but the last new hair style that he got was a little too shabby for me in the back as it grew out some. I was not much of a fan. I did still like it in the front because he still had the same look but just could not learn the like the back. So we decided to do something a little different this time. I wanted to keep a little length on the front and go a little shorter in the back so when it did start growing out, it did not look like an overgrown mange. When Linda was almost done cutting it, we were looking at the front and didn't really want him to have the "skater" look so she thought it would look cuter with a little more length taken off the front and a little layered. Jackson just grinned because he wanted it shorter and i agreed...not sure if it was because i still felt like crap and we had to get him out of there and on to his basketball game. Or if i was trying to give him a little bit of authority. He absolutely LOVES it. And me, well it is a little too short for my taste but i will always think he is adorable!!
Here is it going 1 direction....

And here it is the other direction...he was a little sick of pictures!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mixed Emotions

Today has definitely had a broad range of emotions...misery->anxiety->fear->worry->hope->      sadness->content->frustration. I guess that should be enough for one day!! I will explain how i went from one emotion to the next because i know it just doesn't look possible.
Misery- I woke up sick AGAIN, but today i have been more miserable than yesterday. My nose was not running off my face but i traded that for my eyes running and my head about to explode. I ended up leaving work early because i felt so bad and i usually work sick because of all of the other things that i have to take off for.
Anxiety- This was because i had a mammogram scheduled for next week (because of a place that i felt on my left breast) and i decided to change it to today since i was having to leave work early anyways.
Fear- They did the mammogram, and per the tech, everything looked ok...just some dense breast tissue that could be fibrocystic changes. However, they decided to go ahead and ultrasound as well. I asked LOTS of questions and was told that it was routine that they ultrasound if a mass is felt.
Worry- My uncle Richie had surgery today and i had told Nennie that i could help in picking up Jackson and Amir if she needed to get my uncle home and settled and didn't have time to get to the school. It was 2:35 and they were just now starting the ultrasound...can you say worry??!!
Hope- The chick at the radiology center only had to ultrasound my left breast and it didn't take too long. She went to check with the radiologist to see if he needed any more images, and that was all he needed. I think everything is CLEAR but will know definitely when i check the report in the morning.
Sadness- One of my Best Friends that i have hung out with high school is MOVING...out of the state and i am SO upset. We absolutely these people and Jackson just LOVES her son, Zach. They play soccer together and it is just the best. We will miss them so much but will definitely be going to Birmingham to visit.
Content- I got my 2 boys picked up and spent the afternoon with them and all of my emotions went away...i was totally content and at peace with the whole day although i still feel bad.
Frustration- And then the crying started... Chayton was not happy for a while and my head was about to explode already since i didn't feel well. And then it finally stopped... and now i am back to being content and ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day!!! Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

It would have been SO nice to wake up this morning feeling like a million bucks and seeing the sky look like this! But, neither of those things happened. I woke up feeling really bad, sneezing my head off and unable to breathe. And it has been a cloudy, dreary day. But my sweet boys have helped the situation!! They opened their Valentine's gifts last night because JJ would already be gone this morning when they woke up.

When we got ready this morning, i took the boys to Sonic for breakfast and they loved it. Chayton ate tater tots and Jackson got a chocolate milkshake...pretty nutritious huh?! Then off to daycare and school they both went. Chayton was having a Valentine's party at school and Jackson's class was just having snacks and candy. They were dressed for the occasion!

Then we ordered Texas Roadhouse for dinner...yes, we did not want to fight the crowds. And now to hopefully watch The Biggest Loser without me falling asleep. I feel so bad that i really would be ok with falling asleep early. I can always catch up sometime. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Yes...that is what is on everyone's mind today! I knew there was a chance that it was going to snow but i never really pay much attention to it because i totally despise it. Today was no different...that is, until a drug rep brought us lunch and showed me the radar on her phone. All it showed was snow and freezing precipitation that was coming from Arkansas. That is SO not what i needed to see because ignorance is bliss right?! If i was able to stay at home on days that where the weather wasn't favorable, then i may not have as much of an issue with it. But, that is not the case. Jackson likes the fact that he gets a day out of school for snow, but he is not really a huge fan of it either because you really cannot do anything. You layer on all of these clothes to get warm to go outside and do what? Look at it, get wet, freeze and come back in. Then repeat! So...the wait is on to see what is really going to happen. My fingers are crossed for not much of anything.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cooking Queen...or not so much!

For some reason lately, i think that i have to try to cook everything most of what i pin on Pinterest. It has been nice though to have different things to eat for dinner. We used to be the family that ate out almost every night. It is quick and easy, which is nice, but it gets really OLD quick. There are other things (like exercising) that i need to spend my time doing other than cooking, but you can totally control what you get. And that goes for portion size, quality, calories, etc. We, as a family, have actually eaten so much better since we have stopped trying to eat out so much. Jackson has been such a trooper too because he has tried everything that i have fixed. I have to admit...every single recipe that we have tried from Pinterest has been really good except 1. That recipe was cream cheese/crab wontons. It called for imitation crab in a can- NEVER. TRY. THAT. It was not good and her recipe didn't give the proper directions for sealing the wonton wrapper so the filling was all over the pan rather than inside the wonton. FAILURE!! Here are a few things that i made yesterday and today...
 Roast Beef Crescents with Au Jus
 My Little Helper
 Creamy Shrimp Pasta...Delicicious
 Angel Chicken...a work in progress in the crockpot.
 Green Bean Bundles...these are a MUST try if you haven't. (here they still have to be put in the oven)
 Brown Beans in the crockpot...i do this weekly.

I really try to get things cooked and together on Sunday to help out with the whole cooking process during the week. With Jackson's sports schedules, it helps out tremendously!! Now, off to put together Smothered Pork Chops.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gettin My MIND Right

I have had a talk with myself this morning and i am back to getting in the mindset of healthy eating and exercise! I HAVE to do this. I repeat. I. HAVE. TO. DO. THIS. I don't have a choice if i want to see myself the way that i envision myself. I was on a great roll for 3 weeks and then just a few bad choices/days totally got me off track. I cannot afford to get off track!! So i must get back on the train and get this thing accomplished. I felt like a million $$ dollars in January and there is no greater feeling than that. I used to be the skinny girl that felt good ok about myself and what i looked like. I am not that girl anymore! I NEVER feel good about myself and i HATE getting dressed to go anywhere that i have to look decent. I am embarrassed that my kids think i am fat and worry that their friends may call me fat. I am terrified of CANCER and there are so many risk factors these days. Some of them can be modified by healthy eating and exercise and some factors cannot be controlled by me. I make the ultimate choice in what i put in my mouth and i should have never allowed this to happen but i did. And i accept responsibility. I have only myself to blame!!
With all of that being said...there is always tomorrow to make changes. I will get a few things out of my system and will start with a clean slate. I will put the tennis shoes and the Garmin back on. And i will get back to making ALL of my food choices healthy. I may be a few weeks behind on my schedule but i will not let that rain on my parade.

I am totally obsessed with Alex Morgan. She is my       FIT-spiration! She is gorgeous in EVERY way!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, it's friday and i worked until noon and Jackson came with me. Today the kids were out but the teachers had inservice...which is not good for those kids who have no child care.  But Jackson was such a trooper!! The 4 hours went by pretty quick, if there is a such a thing as quick when talking about work. I LOVED spending that time with just Jackson. That NEVER happens and i need to make sure we have these small get togethers penciled in often. I miss him SO much...just me and him!!
But, then there is my little WILD man too...and i could never imagine my life without him. He has totally turned our OCD family upside down and i think that has been a good thing for us. He has broken more things than i can count and is WAY more into everything than my little Jackson was in to. He does have a bit of a temper also, which we were totally not used to dealing with. He SO acts like his daddy that i just don't know what to do with him!!! HAHA!!! That was a joke.
I cooked dinner tonight also and mom came over to eat with us. We LOVE shrimp around here and the 2 ways that i usually fix it are a tad spicy but Jackson and i love it that way. Tonight was made with butter, italian seasoning and sliced lemons. JJ preferred this recipe over the spicy but Jackson and i thought it was good but not as good as the other 2.

We are about to hit the sack because we have not slept much with a sick baby. So, GOODNIGHT!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This week, i was supposed to be back at eating healthy and exercising. And guess what, i failed. And i failed miserably! Monday was going to be the perfect restart. It didn't happen but i was not going to give up. So Tuesday when i woke up, it was ON! I felt good and was ready to get back on track. And then Chayton woke up with fever and that day for exercising went downhill. Wednesday went good diet wise but i was not able to exercise because i had to take care of my sick baby...and i would not trade that for anything! So i wake up today and i just don't have the energy today to even think about being good, much less exercising. I am going to have a "Come to Jesus Meeting" with myself over the next few days and come Sunday, i am going to bring it! Whether i want to or not. I have WAY too much to lose to even think about continuing to FAIL!! I want a better body by the summer and i have got to do what it takes to get there!!
WOW!! I read this chick's weight loss story in Oxygen Magazine and her results are amazing as you can see. Just takes a healthy diet and exercise. DUH!!
And this defines the way that i feel. I WILL do something about it for sure. I won't let myself down or any of you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~ Praying ~

Chayton is sick, obviously really sick. Like a fever of 104 degrees sick. And i hope it is just his ears, as Dr Scott said yesterday. I pray that there is not another cause for the worst fear!! What do you do?? Go pick them up and love on them! I will have to admit...poor baby boy looked AWFUL today when i picked him up. Just broke my heart. He was burning up with fever and just so weak and pitiful looking. I so wished that it was me, that felt that bad and was sick like he is. We got home (after picking Jackson up from school), gave baby boy some medicine and just sat around until about 4ish.  And then, the medicine kicked in...
And sweet Chayton was ALL into himself!! This is how i LOVE him he is fine and all into himself. Well, it didn't last too long. He did not eat dinner and was back asleep by 6:30. 

Since i got home early, i looked up a new recipe to try and it was on the diet and really good!! Here are a couple of pics...
 Easy Cheesy Chili Chicken before cooking
 And after. You already know...found it on Pinterest.

Here are a few pics of my sweet boys over the weekend before Chayton felt bad. I am SO blessed that they love one another so much. Jackson is such a great big brother!!!
 Yes...they hang from Jackson's pull up bar!
 And another shot of Chayton hanging on!
The LOVES of my life!! I could not imagine loving anything more than i love these 2 boys of mine! They are the reason that i wake up every single day. If it weren't for these precious boys, i may still be living in that dark hole that i was in for so long after the death of my daddy!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sick Baby Boy

Ok, so waking up today started out pretty eventful! Chayton's temp was 102.5 but he was up and ready to go. I totally knew that he could not go to school so i decided to stay home with him. JJ had to go to St Jude with the baseball team and i did not want to mess that up...what a great trip they make annually to visit such a special facility. Jackson figured out (about 5 minutes before us leaving to take him to school) that myself, as well as Chayton, were both staying home, so the begging began!!! I totally caved and decided to spend the day with my angels. We spent the day going to the doctor (for Chayton), monogramming something for my mom, appliqued a shirt for Chayton and cooked more mushrooms, as well as dinner for tonight. It was a good day/early evening for me and the boys!!

Then 7:30 came around and Chayton was BURNING up!! Took his was 103.9!!! He didn't eat dinner or drink his night time milk. I totally freaked and called Bryan and also the RN for Pediatrics East. I had a feeling of what i needed to do but definitely needed reassurance. And that she gave me!! Just watch him and wake him up to give meds and force fluids and see how he does. Sometimes you just need someone else to give you their opinion to make your mind ease!! Please pray that he does well through the night and everything goes well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

We had big plans to go hang out with friends last night for the Super Bowl game but ended up changing our
minds yesterday afternoon. I know we missed out on a great party for sure but it ended up being easier to stay at home with the 2 boys and we had our own little party. I made Jalapeno Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms that i found on Pinterest and they were DELICIOUS!
Here is the link to the recipe if you would like to try it!
Since we didn't make it to Amy's for the party, our other friends (Jack and Sonya) came by and scooped up some so they could try them. They loved them as well. I will definitely be making these a lot more.

The Williams Household was pulling for the New England Patriots!! A very dear friend of mine, David Nugent, actually played for the Patriots. So anytime they play, that is usually who we are pulling for. 
Tom Brady and David Nugent

When David was playing for the Pats, he and Tom actually lived together. How cool is that?! Needless to say, the Giants beat the Patriots and we were sad to see that but there is always next year!! And when i saw this sweet picture of Eli Manning with his wife and daughter after the Giants win, it melted my heart ♥

Friday, February 3, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

Today was one of those days where a whole lotta stuff ran through my thick skull! Kinda like those brain going 90-to-nothing days. Things from a summer family vacation, an elective surgery that i want done, looking at a new 4-wheeler for Jackson, wanting to be skinny by the morning, a new wardrobe for the skinny person i want to be, miss working at The Med, CANCER, moving out of Memphis, sports, birthday parties for the boys... and that may just about cover it all. I need to prioritize the things that i want for me, what i want for my family and try not to think about the things that i have no control over. It is amazing the things that you find yourself focusing on that you think are gonna happen and that the chances of them happening are not as high as what your mind tells you. How about that for a run-on sentence?! Are you ever afraid that you happen upon blogs and read things that keeping resurfacing (CANCER) because it was meant to prepare you of a possibility to come? This has happened to me often over the past week. I could sit here and cry over what these people and their families are being faced with and just pray that i never have to go through it with my two boys...that is my fear!! I cannot elaborate any more on the subject because i will just lose it and will never finish this post. back to pondering over a family vacation, a surgery that requires me to pay cash for everything or a new 4-wheeler for Jackson??


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, today is Thursday and it has officially been one week since i have exercised!! And boy does my body feel it. We had a lot going on from last Thursday-Sunday and i got off track and just knew Monday that i was going to get back into my groove and i just haven't! The past three days were not crazy busy so i had time to do it but other things stopped me from doing it. Monday- the roofing guys were at our house when we got home and i could not really get into the driveway and barely into my house. That totally threw me off and Jackson and Chayton wanted to play outside and watch so that is just what we did until almost dark...and there went that window of opportunity. Then Tuesday- Chayton had an eye doctor appointment at 2:45 so i left work early, checked Jackson out of school and was planning on picking up Chayton and heading to Germantown. Well... it was 71 degrees outside and partly sunny when we left Oak and Jackson REALLY didn't want to go to the appointment. So, we didn't go!! We picked up Chayton and went to the store and Baskin Robbins. We were planning on heading to the new playground at the park in our neighborhood, and it started sprinkling and then raining. So, we headed home. It stopped so we hung out outside until JJ got home. And yesterday- my only excuse is the rain. I could have ran on the treadmill but me on the treadmill + no one else home to help with Chayton = disaster! So...there ya have it. Is that enough excuses in 3 days??!! And today Jackson has a basketball game so tonight is out also. There is always tomorrow and another excuse right?! And Super Bowl Sunday. HA! I will get back to it. I PROMISE!! But it may be Monday. I have a LONG way to go to give up.