Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mixed Emotions

Today has definitely had a broad range of emotions...misery->anxiety->fear->worry->hope->      sadness->content->frustration. I guess that should be enough for one day!! I will explain how i went from one emotion to the next because i know it just doesn't look possible.
Misery- I woke up sick AGAIN, but today i have been more miserable than yesterday. My nose was not running off my face but i traded that for my eyes running and my head about to explode. I ended up leaving work early because i felt so bad and i usually work sick because of all of the other things that i have to take off for.
Anxiety- This was because i had a mammogram scheduled for next week (because of a place that i felt on my left breast) and i decided to change it to today since i was having to leave work early anyways.
Fear- They did the mammogram, and per the tech, everything looked ok...just some dense breast tissue that could be fibrocystic changes. However, they decided to go ahead and ultrasound as well. I asked LOTS of questions and was told that it was routine that they ultrasound if a mass is felt.
Worry- My uncle Richie had surgery today and i had told Nennie that i could help in picking up Jackson and Amir if she needed to get my uncle home and settled and didn't have time to get to the school. It was 2:35 and they were just now starting the ultrasound...can you say worry??!!
Hope- The chick at the radiology center only had to ultrasound my left breast and it didn't take too long. She went to check with the radiologist to see if he needed any more images, and that was all he needed. I think everything is CLEAR but will know definitely when i check the report in the morning.
Sadness- One of my Best Friends that i have hung out with high school is MOVING...out of the state and i am SO upset. We absolutely these people and Jackson just LOVES her son, Zach. They play soccer together and it is just the best. We will miss them so much but will definitely be going to Birmingham to visit.
Content- I got my 2 boys picked up and spent the afternoon with them and all of my emotions went away...i was totally content and at peace with the whole day although i still feel bad.
Frustration- And then the crying started... Chayton was not happy for a while and my head was about to explode already since i didn't feel well. And then it finally stopped... and now i am back to being content and ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day!!! Fingers crossed.


  1. Oh my Courtney!!! What a crazy emotion filled day!!! I am glad everything is ok with the ultra sound, wish you felt better and I am assuming you are talking about Dana and Amy? I hate that for you I know how close you guys are.
    I'll be praying for you sweetie!!!

  2. Thanks so much!! Yes, that is who i am talking about. We knew there was a chance that this was coming but were not sure where they would have to move to. They will be here through the summer so we still have some time to spend with them.