Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ok, so am i the only one that is confused about the workouts that i want to do?? I decided to change things up and start doing my TurboFire videos. I did it last night and it was ok but i was totally lost. There were 2 videos...Fire 30 and Stretch 10. I did both of them just like the schedule says. Fire 30 is a faster paced video that is almost like a dance routine. You do a few moves and then add on to them each time. There were like 3 different sections that you do these moves and add on to them. I.WAS.LOST. Totally. There were some instances where i just had to stand there to watch so i could figure out what was going on. I am not going to lie, i cannot stand being lost and not knowing what was going on. I know after a few times that will get better but it was not a good feeling. The Stretch 10 was fine because it was stretching exercises that didn't take a genius to figure out. I am now totally contemplating just going back to good ole running and doing arm and ab weight training videos. I will not be lost doing those. With TurboFire, you only have 1 rest day and there is no room in the schedule for running. And i really didn't like that idea. However, there are HIIT workouts with TurboFire that i may try to incorporate. UGH...enough about that. Here is what i made for dinner...
Southwestern chicken & avacado salad
And oh my goodness it was GOOD! I am hoping that tonight's dinner is good too. It is called a Harissa Pork Shoulder and roasted butternut squash goes with it. Fingers crossed about the squash part. I know the Pork Shoulder will be good. It was a crockpot meal and has good spices on it. Wish me luck with the Butternut squash...i sure hope i like it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

To Paleo or Not to Paleo . . .

That has been the question? I have been trying to decide if i wanted to eat a Paleo type diet (aka Caveman diet). This diet focuses on eating things that our ancestors ate back in the day before agriculture came along. It basically excludes grains, legumes, starches, diary, sugar, alcohol and refined salt. That does sound like a LOT of things that you cannot have but there are good things that you can have. Some things that i have read say that you can have sweet potatoes in moderation. I have decided that i am going to try my best to follow this way of eating as close as i can because a friend of mine says that once you have been eating this way for a little while, when you do indulge in a cheat meal, you feel like crap! I have joined E Meals as well. This is a company that allows you to choose the eating plan that you are following and they send you weekly meal plans, along with the recipes and shopping lists! This was perfect for me because i do try to plan my meals weekly and this takes the guesswork out of planning. I am sure there will be recipes that we do not like for dinner but we are going to try everything at least once and will mark things off accordingly. I am doing this plan for all of my meals and the boys are going to follow this plan for dinner at first and then see where we can take it from there. I am trying to get my kids off of a sugar kick!!! They would literally eat cookies, candy, cupcakes, candy bars, etc (you get the picture) EVERY meal if they could. I truly believe that this is the reason for some of the crankiness, irritability and tossing at night while they are trying to sleep. I know that sugar is REALLY bad for everyone and has been linked to cancer in many different situations. And i do not want to be the one responsible for any of this! So, i am trying my best to change things for the better in my house. It is going to be hard but i think it will be better for everyone.
Today is Day 1 of my Paleo diet and it has gone well so far. Here is what my meals have looked like:
Breakfast: Green Smoothie (spinach, banana, strawberries), small serving of grilled chicken strips with 2   cherry tomatoes.
Lunch: Salad with leafy green lettuce, broccoli slaw, broccoli sprouts, 3 cherry tomatoes, sirloin steak (about 4oz), juice from 1/2 lime and sriracha sauce on top. YUMMY!!
Dinner: Southwestern chicken w/avacado salad. (and i cannot wait to eat this!! Love everything about it)
I have taken my vitamins like i was supposed to and have been drinking my lemon water. Hopefully things will continue to go good. I have got to get the rest of this weight off!! I will be doing some type of exercise later as well!
Here is a little info on Paleo if you are interested:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update & HIIT Training

Ok, ok, ok! It has been forever since i have blogged. Like a whopping 2.5 months i think. I have not been slacking. I have been busy. I was doing GREAT working out everyday and have lost 18 lbs so far. I did take a little break over the Christmas break and have not really gotten back into my routine. I am FINALLY motivated to get back to it. The spring and summer are coming and I.WILL.BE.SKINNY. I have hopes of doing more 5K's this year and even want to run a 1/2 marathon sometime before the year is up. And i will make sure that happens. We joined Memphis Runners Track Club as a family yesterday and will make sure that we log our miles this year and do races. Chayton is even a member. HA! Now, we know he wont be logging the miles...not in his cast at least!
Fitspiration Photo!!
(the one on the far left is my favorite)

High Intensity Interval Training...this will be my new workout. I ordered the videos months back but felt that i was too out of shape to start them. I have gotten back in better shape and was doing really good running. I have gotten back to running a little over 3 miles straight so i am ready to jump in to these videos. They are still going to kick my tail but i think i will be better prepared for them now. The schedule shows them starting on Monday but i am going to follow it like it shows but adjust the day of the week to start. May be a little confusing, but i am going to make it work.

TurboFire classes include Fire Drills, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

These drills push you to your max for up to 1-minute bursts, with quick recovery periods. Studies show that HIIT ignites your metabolism, enabling your body to burn more calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.
Metabolic Rate over Time graph of After Burn Effect
Not only that, with TurboFire, you'll work out less than half the time you normally would doing regular cardio—and burn up to 9x more fat.