Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ok, so am i the only one that is confused about the workouts that i want to do?? I decided to change things up and start doing my TurboFire videos. I did it last night and it was ok but i was totally lost. There were 2 videos...Fire 30 and Stretch 10. I did both of them just like the schedule says. Fire 30 is a faster paced video that is almost like a dance routine. You do a few moves and then add on to them each time. There were like 3 different sections that you do these moves and add on to them. I.WAS.LOST. Totally. There were some instances where i just had to stand there to watch so i could figure out what was going on. I am not going to lie, i cannot stand being lost and not knowing what was going on. I know after a few times that will get better but it was not a good feeling. The Stretch 10 was fine because it was stretching exercises that didn't take a genius to figure out. I am now totally contemplating just going back to good ole running and doing arm and ab weight training videos. I will not be lost doing those. With TurboFire, you only have 1 rest day and there is no room in the schedule for running. And i really didn't like that idea. However, there are HIIT workouts with TurboFire that i may try to incorporate. UGH...enough about that. Here is what i made for dinner...
Southwestern chicken & avacado salad
And oh my goodness it was GOOD! I am hoping that tonight's dinner is good too. It is called a Harissa Pork Shoulder and roasted butternut squash goes with it. Fingers crossed about the squash part. I know the Pork Shoulder will be good. It was a crockpot meal and has good spices on it. Wish me luck with the Butternut squash...i sure hope i like it!

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