Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Friday, July 27, 2012

< Wrappin' it Up >

Well, well...this is the last official weekend before JJ starts back to school. And then there is just 1 more week until Jackson goes back to school. I just cannot believe that summer is basically over! This weekend will be a weekend of doing all sorts of things. The house will be cleaned and perfect before the weekend is over. I do not like to go into the school year with stuff all over the place and a house that is not clean. My back patio will be power washed and things all tidy going in to the week. Jackson will have a friend over to spend the night and a birthday party to go to. And we will hang out with friends before the crazy week starts! Hopefully we can get everything pretty much done (except for outside) on Saturday and we can have family time on Sunday! Chayton absolutely loves the zoo so we plan to go early Sunday before it is way too hot! Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2012

^ Distressing ^

Ok, i want to add another hobby to my "to-learn" list ... Distressing furniture! I could totally renovate much of my house only by adding color to things/furniture that already exist. My living room would look totally different and even my dining room and bedroom and kitchen. The list goes on. I am going to try it. Sometime in the near future on a small table that i have that i am no longer using. I could bring it back to life. I distressed some picture frames that i bought and they turned out ok. Here are a few pics of what i want to be able to do...

Just a few examples. The projects could be endless!! Now, i just need to find someone that can show me how and make me feel more comfortable about it. My HUGE wish is that i can redo our kitchen cabinets. I have wanted to do this for a while and am terrified. I know, i need to start out small and work my way up. But i usually choose the reverse. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

* ~ * 44 MORE DAYS * ~ *

That is correct...44 more days until College Football starts and we will be calling the HOGS!! Football season is my absolute favorite time of year. Arkansas Razorbacks are by far my favorite football team and that will never change. Once a Razorback, always a Razorback!! My boys have also been brought up watching the Hogs play football. Jackson LOVES them and we will make sure that Chayton feels the same way. It is a family tradition on my side of the family. The Price's, Pulliam's and Gill's have always pulled for the Razorbacks and now the William's and Pence's definitely carry on the love for them. We have get togethers for the games and this season will be no different. I have ordered myself this adorable hat for the season...
And am in the process of getting the boys their HOG attire for the season as well. I am so excited that i just cant wait any longer!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sewing . . . or lack thereof!!

I REALLY need to get with it and get back on my sewing machine (that i HAD to have) and learn how to use it. There are so many things that i could be doing if i could just make myself learn to do it. It takes more time than i ever thought it would to learn but if you keep up with what you are learning to do, then it may seem like second nature. I could pretty much monogram everything that i have in my house... if i just knew how to!! So one of my goals is to get back upstairs and practice on my sewing/monogramming. Chayton is little now and there are things that i could make him that would be adorable! I just need the motivation to do it!! I know, i know...broken record right??!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

{ Note to Self }

Here is my thought for the day...
My head is where it needs to be FINALLY! I have a plan. And it is going to work this time because i have my head in the game. I can honestly say that i have had everything else ready to go but when you have not really set your mind to it, it is not going to happen. I think you will be surprised this time. Bye, Bye out of shape self. Hello new healthy mind and body!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

:(): Fun in the Sun :():

We had such a BLAST when we went to the lake this past weekend. The pictures tell the story perfectly! Sweet cousins having a blast. Unfortunately, i did not have any adult pictures (the kids kinda take over) but we had so much fun as well. Hanging with my sister and Jonathan are always a blast and we always have LOTS to laugh about! Nennie has the perfect hang out place for the lake and we are so happy that she welcomes us there anytime.
These 2 boys ♥ each other more than anything!!
My sweet Jackson wakeboarding
Chayton on the bamboo ski...yes, he tried it!
BROTHERS...Chayton adores his Jack Jack
The 2 babies...Camden and Chayton
My boys!
Jonathan wakeboarding
Jackson and Hudson
All 5 boys...crazy right?!
Jackson and Austin
Jackson and Jasmin
Baby boy Chayton...what an adorable mess!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

< Loneliness >

Well, we had a FUN weekend at the lake with family! We did not get home until about 5pm yesterday and we got things put away and crops from the garden picked. We needed to go to the store, but that did not happen. We had one sad little boy that did not understand why his brother did not come home with us. Chayton wanted to just go back and pick him up. It is going to be a very hard week for all of us. Jackson does not stay away from us much and letting him stay at the lake for a week without us there was very difficult! And i mean VERY!! Not sure i can handle doing this again, nor can Chayton. I am sick now and i am not sure if it is because Jackson isn't here or if i am just exhausted. UGH!!

I will try to post pics of the lake trip tomorrow!

Friday, July 6, 2012

* Lake Time *

We have not been able to go the lake any this summer because of JJ's summer baseball schedule and other weekend plans that we had. But today... We are on our way! I can't wait to see all of my cousins and my sweet nephews and everyone else. We have Texas and Mississippi family here along with all of us in the Pulliam/Price clan (with the exception of a few). We will have a blast and I will have lots of pics to share.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

: - : 4th of July : - :

We really did not have plans for the 4th except for cleaning our house and cooking out with just us 4. Well, happily, those plans changed in the afternoon. Jackson asked his cousin Connor to come over and spend the night. I asked Sonya and Jack to come hang out when Jack finished with his Bob Villa project. And much to our surprise, more neighbors came over to hang out too...Iesha and Craig and their kids. Our night ended up full of fireworks and laughter!!
 The boys built a fort when they woke up
 Jackson, Connor, Chloe and Mason
 Chayton and Sonya
 Iesha and Mason
 Chayton and Jack
 Sweet boys watching the fireworks
 Fireworks...thanks to the Pinner's
 Mason and Connor
 Chayton and his best friend Jack...he did not leave his side almost the whole night!
Craig and her headband!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ My New Planner ~

I have been trying to find the perfect planner or the perfect printable of calendars for a binder. After attempts of several different ones, I stumbled upon Plum Paper Designs on Etsy and found one that I just LOVE! It has a laminated cover and the cutest designs to choose from. You can decide how many months that you want. I did from July 2012-December 2013. It is a must for me to have a monthly calendar, as well as a weekly appointment calendar to keep up with everything. I am a freak about the way that i have to have things organized in my planners (i am sure that you did not know that) and everything has to be written the same from month-month...YES i have a touch of OCD. This is one step towards getting my life back to be totally organized!!
♥ the chevron designed cover
Just a glimpse at how the calendar tabs are labeled and colored

I am hoping that one of my next few posts are the updates of our back is almost done!! All i need are new pillows for the loveseat and chairs. I am so excited i may have to update you before i find the perfect fabric for the pillows (that may take a while with me and my matching disease).  HA!

Monday, July 2, 2012

- JULY -

Ok, so it is the 2nd day of July and i am going to try to do better this month at EVERYTHING! That includes trying to keep my blog updated, getting more things at home organized and, of course, exercising. We have a busy week this week (and weekend) and then after that, things will be ON!

And this is SOOOO me...