Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~ Striving 2 Be Skinny ~

For some CRAZY reason, i have decided to have a separate blog dedicated to getting skinny again. I cannot really keep up with this blog so i am not sure how i think that i can keep up with two. But, i am going to try. I am trying to have a place that i can document workouts, motivational things and healthy eating to hold myself accountable for what i am trying to do. I wanted this blog to be about my 2 boys and family life and not the other stuff. I really hope that i can make it work. Here is the blog if you want to follow along...

The other thing that i am trying to decide about is whether or not i want to try to make things to sell. Yes, another CRAZY idea that i have come up with. I cannot keep up with doing things for Chayton and gifts that i have done to give people much less think that i can make a big production out of it. But, i may see if i can handle it. I REALLY would love to work less at work and try to work more at home! I have created a shop on Etsy that is called The Preppy Paisley and created a Facebook page dedicated to that so i would have the same name. There is nothing listed on either site right now but we will see what happens with that. That is all for now. Guess i need to go figure out something else to add to my plate :o)

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