Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Melt my Heart

I decided to get my butt in gear this morning and get my workout out of the way so there were NO excuses later on. Here i am on the treadmill doing my thang and i looked to my left to make sure Chayton was no where near me and this is what i saw...
These are the 2 sweetest boys and the little one thinks that his big brother rules the world!! My heart melted right there on the treadmill. But i will tell you one thing, seeing them so sweet together gave me the motivation to keep on going until i hit the 4 mile mark. Whatever it takes right?! When i started, my legs were a little sore and i wasn't sure that i would be able to run the entire 2 miles that i had planned. But after my get up and go kicked in, it was on. I told myself that i would NOT stop running until i made it to the 2 mile mark...and that i did. I could have gone farther but i didn't want to be so sore tomorrow that i couldn't run. I have to give myself a pat on the back because i have not ran since the beginning of fall (and i was only running about 1.5 miles then) and in 4-5 workouts, i am back to running 2 miles. That is not a lot but it is better than i thought i would be doing at this point!!
Saturday Treadmill exercise:

4.0 miles (ran 2.0/walked 2.0)
570 calories burned*
96.3 carbs burned
53:56 total time
*after using my Garmin yesterday, not sure how accurate these calories are but they look impressive!

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