Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Monday, January 30, 2012


Yes, today is one of those kind of days. My sweet baby boy, Chayton, did not sleep very well last night from about 1:45am until the time that i had to wake up. He would toss and turn and then be still for a few seconds and then whine a little. Then repeat. I started thinking that something was wrong with him but i felt on his belly and felt his head for fever and he wasn't i am not sure what was wrong. I know he had to be one tired little boy today! Altogether, i just feel crappy blah today and i guess some of it may have to do with the fact that i ate terrible on Saturday and had a few drinks and i also did not get to RUN friday, saturday or yesterday. That in itself was definitely enough to feel bad. But i will get myself back on track today! I have been doing SO good and i knew this weekend was going to be bad on the diet. I will just have to pick up where i left off on Thursday and not think another thing about the past.
I definitely needed this motivation today!!

I have updated my blog with some Running Blogs that i have found and they have been great for motivation. I especially LOVE Skinny Runner! #1 she is an absolutely doll. #2 she definitely has motivated me to want to run more just by everything that she does. It totally makes me look like a whimp (hence her 4 marathons in 8 days!!!). #3 she has shirts that you can order that are perfect for running. #4 she also has links on her page to great running accessories (BIC Bands- to hold your hair back, compression socks, laces, etc...). You will have to check out her page. I would ♥ to have her body for sure!!
Here she is with the shirt on that i ordered! Adorable huh?!

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