Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

: Past Weekend Projects :

Well, i told you that i had some things i needed to do this past weekend...and I did them!! I know. SHOCKING!! I got all of my recipes together and got the notebooks together that i am going to keep the recipes in. I just have to sort through all of the recipes and put them under my tabs. That, in itself, will be a work in progress. I have one notebook fully completed but i have a TON more recipes to add to it.
The other thing that i really needed to do was work on my applique/monogramming projects. And this i TOTALLY accomplished. I have had my machine for a year now and had no idea how to do the 3 letter monograms. It is not very easy (and time consuming) but it does work. I have been wanting to use the Hog applique that i bought months ago and i finally did it!! I still have to figure out how to cut the extra material for the appliques before i do the final satin stitch because that would be so much faster and easier! The way that i have been doing it takes FOREVER to cut around the applique with these special scissors to get the excess material off. And then it is very difficult and scary at the same time because you can cut the shirt or the satin stitching very easily. And that is NOT fun after you have almost finished your project. I am going to attempt to cut the material after the tack down stitch but am scared if i leave the hoop on the machine, it will move and then the other stitches will be off. Or, i can try removing the hoop, cutting around the applique and replacing the hoop. Then you still have to worry about the hoop not lining up perfectly again. So, that is a work in progress but hopefully will get much easier. (the following pictures are from my phone so they aren't the best but it gives you an idea)
Chayton's HOG shirt...i have the material to make matching pants.

And this is Nennie's sweatshirt that i did for her birthday! It turned out pretty good. The letters look a little off in the picture but i guess it is the way i had it layed out because they are even.
I also monogrammed the hood. Now, I want one!!

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