Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Hour a Day

That picture pretty much says it all!!! I have really realized this past week that it is up to ME to make time to workout every day. Things are pretty rushed to get everything done, but that one hour a day that i have dedicated to making myself feel better has helped tremendously. I know how good exercise makes you feel every single day, but i guess i forgot because i had not done it in a while. I have told myself that i cannot go back down that road anymore. It is almost a difference of night and day in the way i feel. I am hoping to add some more time for working out once i get adjusted to doing things around it. I have walked a little more than i planned because Chayton loves to go with me. But, as long as i am moving right now, i am satisfied. Here is an update on my miles logged from the past few days...
Friday 10/19...    4.0 miles/452 calories
Saturday 10/20...4.0 miles/516 calories
Sunday 10/21...  4.0 miles/520 calories (ran 1.5 miles)
Monday 10/22... 4.0 miles/457 calories

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