Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jillian Day 2 . . . OUCH!

Well, another video has been completed! I promise not to update every video every day but i was just giving you some insight into what the Phase 1 videos consist of. Yesterday afternoon i did workout 2. It was actually ok. Yes, it is hard but manageable and i made it all the way through. You SWEAT your tush off from about 6 min in to the video until the very end. I was not really sore this morning from workout 2; however, i am terribly sore this morning from workout 1. My legs are still about to fall off. Workout 2 did do a little with legs and i was ok doing it but i was hoping that it would work all of the soreness out from the previous workout. I have NO CLUE what today's workout will entail and i don't evan want to get a glimpse because i am scared it may say something about legs. HA! Whatever it is, it will be good. JJ also does not have baseball games today (YAHOO) so i will probably try to get some cardio in as well and maybe that will help my legs. There is no way that i can run, but i can try to walk it out.
And good news today...i lost another lb this am when i weighed! That would be a total of 12 llbs (in the past few weeks) but 6 of those lbs have been lost since Saturday. I am definitely not complaining. Just crossing my fingers that it continues. I feel so much better since getting over that bad juju that i had and i am back to eating well and exercising and taking care of myself better.
Here was what Workout 2 was...


Continue building your foundation with classic “back of the body” moves that work your back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings and core using your weights, a resistance cable and your own body weight. Like Workout 1, strength, balance and stability are the goal as you burn mega calories.

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