Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 Days Strong!

Yesterday, i was pretty terrified to see what my workout of the day was. I had not even looked ahead in the training book that i have because i thought you did workouts 1-4 and then add the cardio workout in. So i put in workout 3 and once it started she mentioned weeks 3 & 4....WHAT??!! At that point, i was hoping that i had not messed up the two previous workouts. I pulled out the training schedule and come to find out, i did complete the first 2 workouts correctly. And workout 3 was going to be CARDIO! Thank goodness. I was happy that my legs did not have to go through a gluten again with lunges, etc. Her 30 minute cardio video was not grueling but it made you work your tail off and sweat a lot. I am ok with that. Just glad to have it behind me and ready to get workout 4 done as well. Today's workout goes back to the first workout that killed my legs. But they are a bit better today and i am just ready to get that workout behind me and move on.
I definitely needed this today...

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