Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Friday, June 29, 2012

: Surprise Visit :

We had a nice surprise last night...Amy, Zach and Lilly came over! I did not know that they were coming in town yesterday until Amy text me and said they were in Tupelo. They are in town for Carey's (Dana's brother) wedding Saturday. I just assumed they were coming on Friday and we would not get to see them until probably Saturday afternoon at the wedding. But, seeing them and hanging out with them last night was just perfect! She called and said they were going to come over about 15 minutes before they actually arrived. Jackson and Chayton were both SO excited as well. The kids played and we chatted. And then we were surprised with a visit from Jack, Sonya, Brennan and Carley also. They came over to hang out too. This was a GREAT start to the weekend!
Jackson and Zach riding the Rzr
Sweet Friends
Amy and me...friends since high school
Amy, me and Sonya
Jackson sure does ♥ Amy

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