Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Sunday, December 11, 2011

SPORTS Saturday!

Yesterday was one of those days where you try to figure out the right thing to do. Here was the scenario... Jackson had his 2nd basketball game in the Crosscheck league at 1:00pm and we had a family Christmas get together in Mississippi for the day. DILEMMAS, DILEMMAS!! Well, JJ was pretty much adamant that it was best for Jackson to go to his basketball game. I understand the situation and why but i REALLY wanted to spend time with my family! There was not a way for it to work trying to go before or after Jackson's game so we both just decided it was best to stay here. I was ok with the decision that we made until Saturday morning and then i just lost it. But needless to say, Jackson's basketball team had a tough game and the score was 24-22 (us) with less than a minute left. Jackson drove attempted to drive the ball to the goal when an intentional foul was called on Tyler Harrington...yes, that was Coach Harrington's son that plays for Briarcrest! Jackson got to shoot the 2 foul shots and made both of them- the 2nd one was nothing but net!! He was just THRILLED. That made the score 26-22. So needless to say...i think we made the RIGHT decision. And Jackson felt good about it. But we did miss our Mississippi Family!!!

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