Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It FINALLY Happened

Ok, so most of you know that i am a CLEAN freak! Well... the past couple of weeks have been busy and with all of my crafting projects, my house has been in a complete disarray. And when i say that, i really mean it. JJ and i built this good size craft table to go upstairs where all of my things are kept and that is where i was going to do all of my projects, rather than the kitchen table and counter. It worked for a little bit and is nice when the boys are playing upstairs. But when everyone is downstairs, i dont want to be left upstairs all alone so some of my projects have slowly (but surely) made it back downstairs. I decided that THIS weekend was the one that was going to be spent getting this house back in order. We worked some Friday night, some yesterday and some today and i am happy ELATED to say that everything is in its place and the homestead is spotless!! Upstairs has not been tackled yet and is being finished tonight.

Yes...that is my sweet, sleeping baby boy in the picture!! Now, off to finish up a few gifts!!

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