Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Countdown has Begun

It has been a few days since i have blogged and thought that i would catch you up on things. This week has been all out of sorts for me because our normal routine has changed. My mornings with the boys are pretty much on a timeline and things flow well because it is always the same. Jackson and JJ are out on Christmas Break and i have had to work and that just plain STINKS. And there is no morning routine (which is great for the boys) but totally gets me out of whack. Chayton also does not understand why he isn't leaving with me in the mornings when i leave for work. And that poor baby has gotten some of a break from daycare but has had to go for a little while everyday because JJ has had baseball practice.

Now that we are on the subject of baseball is a quick little story about that! JJ coaches high school baseball so the kids are TEENAGERS, right?! Yes. And my big boy Jackson is only 9 and he thinks that he is as big as these teenagers, right?! Yes!! Two of the baseball boys were playing around the other day at practice and one kid jerked the other kid's pants down a bit (great i know). Well, much to their surprise...the kid had on Superman underwear (whitey tightys). And Jackson thought those were just the coolest underwear he has ever seen. Side note...he wears boxers. Guess what Jackson thought he had to leave RIGHT THEN and go get?! You guessed it.

These were what he just HAD to HAVE!! So, JJ took him to Target after practice was over to look. They only had adult sizes and they were just huge on his little body so JJ didn't get them. BIG MISTAKE!!! Poor Jax pouted the rest of the day and after making me feel sorry for him, I talked to JJ and he was going to take him back to Target after baseball the next day and get them. Well here is the text that i received yesterday morning BEFORE baseball practice...

Yes...he put them on over his baseball sliding shorts in JJ's truck in the parking lot of Target! His is definitely MY son. HAHA!! I just ♥ that kid.

I am also happy to say that all of my gifts for everyone but Jackson and Chayton are wrapped and under the tree. And i only have 2 gifts to finish and wrap and i am DONE!!! What a great feeling that it will be to be completely finished and finally countdown the next few days.

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