Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Friday, April 26, 2013


Oh my goodness...i have not blogged since February!! That is a long time. I have not had any time to do anything that i need to do, much less blog. Baseball season is in FULL SWING with Jackson (and also for JJ) and we literally have not had a free weekend since i could remember. And the next few weekends are no exception. It has been so crazy that we have not been able to do yard work, plant flowers in my yard, clean our house and MANY other things that desperately need to be accomplished. I guess if Jackson is happy, then i would not want things any other way. I would like to mention that it would be much nicer if we were this crazy busy in the Fall rather than in the Spring because things for our yard are already done and blooming and looking good. Right now, things look like they need much TLC!!

My sweet, baby boy Chayton will also be turning THREE on Sunday. I.JUST.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. Where has the time gone?? Good thing that he does not really understand that he will not have a party this year on his real birthday because it is not happening. BOO! And guess why?! Because of a baseball tournament. But, we will definitely be having a party in a couple of weekends.

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