Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{ Lifestyle Change }

The title explains it all...this is my new focus. I have been trying to get to this point for quite some time and i am finally there! I read things daily about food and health that is quite terrifying. I have definitely changed the way i have done my grocery shopping and it is an adjustment, but in the long run it will be so much better for all of us. There are still some things with the boys that i have not eliminated but i am going to work very hard to change some of their eating habits. SUGAR is definitely a preference for them (Chayton moreso than Jackson) and i really have to try to work hard on eliminating more processed foods from their diet. I know there will be times that we eat things that we really shouldn't but for the most part, it will be clean.
I got my Mother's Day present early (that i ordered for myself-ha) and it is a food dehydrator. I am so excited about this and cannot wait to use it to make healthier snacks, such as squash, sweet potato and zucchini chips. Those are just a few things that i want to start with. The possibilities are endless with it. I did a lot of research on the different brands and this one had the best reviews of them all (even over the Excalibur). Here is what it looks like...
I have also started back working out. STARTING is the hardest part!! I recently purchased a Fluidity Bar and started the workouts yesterday. 
The focus of the workouts are on lengthening and stretching your muscles using your own body weight. It is a ballet type workout that guarantees to give you a dancer's body. The first workout was a little tough but it was good. I wasn't trying to figure how much longer was left like i have in the past with other workouts. It is only recommended to do the workout every other day so i will do cardio (walking/running) on the in between days. I have not really taken care of myself the way i should in years and i have decided that it is time to do something for me.
I have learned to like quite a few things in the past year. Salmon has been on my list recently. I have tried it before and it was just too fishy. It is supposed to be really healthy for you so i decided to find a recipe that i would be willing to try. I LOVE Sriracha sauce so i stumbled upon a recipe for Seared Salmon Tacos with Sriracha Ranch...and they were TO DIE for! I modified the recipe with fat free ranch dressing and used corn tortilla shells to make it healthier and it was yummy. These will definitely be eaten often. Here is what it looked like...

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  1. Haven't been blog surfing in a while. Hope you are still liking the dehydrator and those tacos look amazing!!