Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~ Life in the Fast Lane ~

I stumbled upon this saying the other day, and really have not stopped thinking about it...
Last night, while the kids were watching movies and i was sitting on the couch hit me like a ton of bricks...I am ALWAYS thinking way too far ahead and worrying about things that have not even happened yet and may not even be an issue. I am missing out on things that are currently happening because i look right past them. As i was sitting there, worrying about how things would get done the rest of the week, my boys were both alone in their rooms watching things that they wanted to watch and i was not in there with either one of them. I was off somewhere in another day and i could have easily been present in today. At that moment, i stopped and got up and read books with Chayton. Jackson had finished his movie and was reading for homework so i decided when he was done, Chayton and I would go in his room and do what Jackson wanted to do. The rest of the night we all layed in bed together watching shows that they wanted to watch. This morning i have questioned whether or not i am a good mother to my boys. But once i realized that i was being a little too irrational and hard on myself, i just decided that i am going to work REALLY hard at living for today and enjoying the things that are going on today!! You only live once and your kids are only small for a short amount of time. 

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