Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

. . . The Color Run . . .

I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the opening of registration for The Color Run. This will be my first 5k run to actually participate in. I have registered for a few Race for the Cure races but the weather was always either rainy or hot so i would pick up my shirt and that would be the end of my running. But i am going to do this one!! And i cannot wait to do it. It looks like SO MUCH FUN! And you get sprayed with a different color each time you finish 1k. We have a team and the name is Team Apple Poison. was created by my friend Michelle and is in honor of Woodchuck beer. We both call it Apple Poison. It tastes FABULOUS but it is poison because it makes you fat and you really shouldn't be drinking it. But, after the race, we will celebrate with Woodchuck and call it a day.
I have 5 months to get my tail totally back in shape! I.WILL.DO.THIS. Goal set and results will be achieved!

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