Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out of Touch

I am doing terrible these days with the blogging thing. I have some things from the weekend to put on here but ALL of my pictures are on JJ's computer (rather than mine) and it seems that i can never find the time to grab his computer and share those with you. So, that is why there has not been anything on here. OH WELL...maybe in the near future i will get caught up and get back to it.
I am reading a new book called "This is Why You're Fat!" Great title huh?! It is actually pretty interesting and it has information in it that i believe will be easier to follow. The basic principle is clean eating Monday-Friday and then you have a total of 2 cheat meals on Saturday and Sunday (up to 1500 calories each). That kind of plan makes it a little easier for me to follow because we are usually gone so much on the weekends. The first 2 weeks is a jump start week and she really doesn't want you to change the way you are eating; you add a few things to your diet that get you ready for the third week. I am going to try to start tomorrow if i can get back to the store today and pick up a few things. The one thing that i am already gagging over is Oatmeal!! I have tried it on a few occasions and had to stand over the sink to eat it...if you know what i mean. But, i am gonna see what i can do because it is one of the things to add.

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