Chayton and Jackson

Chayton and Jackson

Friday, August 24, 2012

~ Way Far Behind ~

I know, I know, I know...i have NOT been doing a good job of keeping up my blog. I have slacked on posting birthdays, fun things, illnesses, etc on here lately. I just cannot keep up. I have had SO many things that i have needed to do at home and it has not really happened either. We have just been trying to get back in the swing of school starting, homework, trying to fit work outs in, JJ has had football games to go to, Jackson had baseball tryouts 2 weekends in a row and so on. I have barely had time to keep my house picked up much less de-clutter things that i want to!! I am hoping to get things back on track after this weekend. And then will come Labor Day weekend- when things will get back off schedule! But, oh well, memories are still being made!! IT IS FRIDAY and the WEEKEND IS HERE and that is all that matters right now.

This is SO true...

P.S.   I sure do wish that we were going to Sugarland tonight...but JJ's football games get in the way of everything! HA! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well, guess what folks?? I am back on the healthy wagon. I started yesterday and i have to keep with it. I am not going to say that i am on a diet because really- i am not. I have been working on changing the way that i was eating and introducing new things and it has actually worked out. I have been trying to make healthier purchases (for the most part) at the grocery store and have been working on decreasing the amount of sugar that i (and my kids) get on a daily basis. I have done really well in this area with the boys, but JJ however, has not done so hot. (He takes them and gets SUGAR LOADED snacks after school...we are working on this.) I have started back on all of my vitamins that i was previously taking and have added 2 weight loss supplements that are made with vitamins/minerals. Here is the hard part...i have 21 {yes, that would be twenty-one} pills to take a day! I gag with just about every one. But the first 3 days of taking one of the supplements, i have to take 5 pills before breakfast and 5 before lunch. After 3 days, i do not have to take those again for 30 days. WOO HOO! I am only doing that supplement and the weight loss supplement for 3 months. I have gotten my health & fitness level all out of whack and it does not make you feel very good. After just the first day back on track, i already feel better today. Each day will be better and hopefully in a few months, i will be back where i want to be. Running and exercise videos are beginning today!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

* Happy Birthday to Me *

Well, Saturday was my birthday! We always go eat with my sister and her family and my mom on each of our this time, it was my turn. Jackson picked Salsa as the restaurant and it was fun. The 5 boys always have a great time together no matter where we choose to go. And this time was no different!
 Chayton & Jackson
 My 3 boys!
 Me and my babies!!
 Sweet cousins... minus Camden. He wasn't feeling too well.
After is very difficult to have everyone sitting and looking at the camera with these wild boys!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

~ Chayton the Trooper ~

My sweet 2 year old boy is such a trooper!! This little guy has been through so much and has had so many things at this age that Jackson never had. We had a scare with an anaphylactic reaction to eating boiled eggs on a salad... VERY SCARY!! He has previously had a reaction to milk after the age of 1. So, now it was time to have him allergy tested. I have been very nervous about this appointment but the testing went better than i expected. Jackson and I took him and it was a little wild at times. He did not cry at all and was very still while they were marking and applying the tests to his back. But waiting the 15-20 minutes for the results were not so calm. The testing did confirm that he was allergic to eggs so we have to avoid EGGS by themselves (scrambled, boiled, etc) and he can have things like cookies, brownies, etc that he has had before without an issue. But anything that contains eggs that he has not had (mayonaise, etc), he cannot have since we do not know if he will react or not. I DO NOT want to re-live friday night almost 2 weeks ago EVER. That was literally one of the scariest nights of my life.
Sweet Chayton playing while waiting to be called back
Chayton and Jackson "hiding" waiting on the doctor

This was what his back looked like as soon as she put all of the tests on there
This was 15 minutes in to the is hard to tell but #1 was eggs and it was the only one that had redness around the initial red dot...which indicates a + reaction. The other red dots look like the control (the O at the top right) and did not produce redness around the test.
And he was a HAPPY boy when we were home and it was all over!